Appreciate your father 1Life is quite fragile and no one knows what will happen from day to day.  For this reason we should always strive to appreciate and cherish our loved ones.  No matter what challenge presents having the support of family and friends helps to ease the pain and softens the impact.

Knowing that your father is terminally ill you want to do whatever is possible to bring a bit of joy that both you and your father will cherish while he still can.  In this case Anthony, the bridegroom was so appreciative of his dying father that he got married within 2 days at his father’s bedside at the hospital.

Appreciate your fatherThis incredibly selfless act of appreciation was Anthony’s way of saying thanks and showing appreciation to his dying father for all the wonderful joys he had brought to his life.

Now, faced with the reality of his father’s death he wanted to make his father happy witnessing his marriage in his very last days.

This is a very beautiful story and a reminder that life is short and fragile.  In spite of the hustle and bustle in our fast paced world we should never lose sight of the importance of showing appreciation to our loved ones.  The neglected opportunity never come back.

Read this heart warming beautiful story.

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