Belly Laugh Day 2017 January 24 is a holiday observed annually. This day is dedicated to celebrating the great gift and benefits of laughter. Laughter is known to have many holistic benefits including the expanding of tissue lining of blood vessels. Through laughter you consequently increase blood flow in your blood vessels and this effortless, enjoyable activity does not cost anything to simply laugh. A good belly laugh in turn makes you feel more positive, boosts your immune system and generally makes you and everyone around you feel happier while enjoying the many benefits of this happy experience.

Laughter is known to make people feel more positive, boost our immune systems, increases pain tolerance and generally makes people feel happier and more energetic. Belly Laugh Day aims to remind people of the benefits of laughter and encourage people to spread laughter in their lives and the lives of others.

The origin of Belly Laugh Day as, I understand, came about to give people who have survived hard times a chance to laugh and be happy, and to give those in mourning an excuse to be happy for a day.

While I respect the origin of belly laugh day I encourage laughter on a daily basis. Perhaps if we all laugh more often we can automatically improve our overall health. There is no better form of free, natural therapy than a good belly laugh. Think of all the health benefits you’ll enjoy. Your stress level will lessen and the quality of your life will improve.

Think of living in the present, the here and now, take time to laugh and enjoy this moment, the here and now. Think of the therapeutic benefits you can enjoy from laughter. Did you know laughter is one of 12 habits of highly healthy people?

Research shows laughter offers us health benefits in four health dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Physical Health

  • Laughter is like “internal jogging.” It temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure, followed by muscle relaxation and a decrease in blood pressure.
  • It may boost the immune system and promote healing.
  • It burns calories – 60 to 120 calories an hour over your resting metabolism.

Intellectual Health

  • Laughter creates a positive effect which in turn influences attention, institution, creativity and imagination.
  • It enhances employee morale, resilience and belief is one’s abilities in the workplace.

Emotional Health

  • Laughter is a great positive coping skill.
  • It can reduce stress by providing a positive way to look at a problem.
  • It solidifies friendships and makes people feel included.

Spiritual Health

  • Laughter is a universal language and can be an interfaith experience.
  • It fosters connection and compassion.

Three examples below identify activities related to laughter:

  • Laughter yoga – a fun combination of stretching, breathing and laughing exercises that can help you feel awakened, confident, creative, productive and ready to tackle anything.
  • Build an inventory of funny jokes, cartoons and stories.
  • Have a joke jar at home or in your office. Reference:

Reflect on everything that you are grateful for. Learn to accept the things you cannot change, don’t dwell there, move on. There’s always a positive in every negative, focus on the positive. Focus on how you can bring more laughter, gratitude and acceptance not only into your life but the lives of those you love and touch. Laughter is the best medicine.

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