Hope for the HopelessThe information below introduces an epic event, Cancer Killers Cause Cure.  The event will take place on April 12, 2016 and will provide invaluable information on the healing power within us to bring hope in times of hopelessness.  ‘The Truth About Cancer’  will be presented through a documentary series and is available to everyone for FREE.

A dear friend of mine shared this information with me and I have registered for the free documentary series beginning April 12, 2016.

ExcitementIn the spirit of paying it forward I wish to share the links below to all readers/visitors to my site so you too will have the opportunity to register for this incredible free documentary as well. Click on the links below to register and be a part of this ground breaking  event.

I trust you are as excited as I am to be a part of this educational experience.

Please read the invitation below from Dr. Ben Lerner.

‘When Dr. Charles Majors and I decided to write Cancer Killers, our goal was to tell the truth about the incredible healing power within everyone, providing hope to the hopeless. Charles is a living and breathing example that one can overcome the most lethal cancers without chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. This is why I’m so excited to announce the availability of a free documentary series called The Truth About Cancer, which also features our co-author Sayer Ji, founder of Greenmedinfo.com, in 10 of the 11 episodes.

This incredible series shines a bright light on the evils of “traditional” cancer treatments as well as introducing over 100 pioneers in alternative cancer treatments from around the globe.

It’s going to be an epic event. Here’s a special link to the trailer for the series that I think you’ll truly enjoy.

I’ll be there when the curtain opens and I hope you will too. It’s going to be a very uplifting event!

Be Healthy, Do Good,

Dr. Ben Lerner’

P.S. I believe that with a huge push and the collective efforts of these brave men and women there’s a possibility we could eradicate cancer in our lifetimes. If you love the trailer, be sure to register for the whole documentary series while you’re there.

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