As much as insurance comes with many benefits, there are also some limitations to consider. Business insurances come with many different policies, sometimes a claim may arise that the insurance company doesn’t cover.

Many claims take a long time to process because the insurance company always has to assess the damage and account for how much loss was done and how much is to be compensated. All the energy and time used in this can be very frustrating and may not end up well for the client. However, this is not enough reason to be uninsured.

In life, as much as you could be good, you have your own weaknesses. This should not make you feel any less worthy. You could be a person who wants to date a perfect person and immediately you notice a flaw that you do not like, you are up and running.

For how long will you run, if not forever? If other people accept you, you should learn to accept others too. This is a search that will be unending. There is beauty in everyone, you need to change how you view it.

The noblest thing to do is to care for and love someone else without caring who gave them breath

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