Difficulties give me an opportunity to exercise focus and determination to take care of the issue(s) at hand. In so doing, I learned that a calm soul makes life conquerable in trying times.  I concentrate on maintaining a calm soul and this approach helps me to conquer the challenges that I face.

I spend time nurturing my mind and spirit in silent meditation and physical exercises are an important part of my daily routine.  Every day I hit the nature trail for a brisk walk with a friend allowing myself to breathe deeply in and out.  I use this opportunity to chat, vent, laugh, cry and sometimes fall apart when necessary.  In spite of all the mixed emotions, I train myself to keep calm even when it seems to be the least natural approach. It forces me to develop the will to overcome the toughest situations.  I ask myself ‘what will Jesus do’?

Rabbi Harold Kushner reminds us that everything God has created is potentially holy.  Our task as human beings is to find that holiness in what appear to be unholy situations.  When we learn to do this, we will learn to nurture our souls.

It’s easy to see God’s beauty in beautiful things like a brilliant sunrise, the smile of a little child or the snow-covered mountains.  But can we learn to find holiness in seemingly ugly circumstances like difficult life lessons, a struggle for life or a family tragedy?

When our life is filled with the desire to see the holiness in everyday things something magical begins to happen.

  • A feeling of peace emerges.
  • When we begin to see nurturing aspects of daily life that were previously hidden from us.
  • When we begin to remember that everything has God’s fingerprints on it that alone makes it special.
  • If we remember this spiritual fact, while we are dealing with a difficult person or struggling to pay our bills it broadens our perspective.
  • It helps us to remember that God also created the person you are dealing with or that, despite the struggle to pay your bills you are truly blessed to have all that you do.

The fact that we can’t see the beauty in something doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  Rather, it suggests that we are not looking carefully enough or with a broad enough perspective to see it.

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