MS Walk 1I walked in support of the Annual Mandarin Walk to fund ongoing research for Multiple Sclerosis.  The walk  took place on Sunday May 1, 2016, throughout York Region, inclusive, Richmond Hill/Aurora/Thornhill; Markham; Woodbridge and Newmarket locations.

We had inclement weather from beginning to end of the 5k walk, nonetheless, it did not dampen our spirits.  I was energized as I remind myself of Human heart pumpinghow many calories are burned walking plus the health benefits, for instance, the opportunity to keep my heart pumping and my circulation flowing that was good enough for me to walk in the rain.

In addition, the efforts of countless numbers of volunteers that come together and give so freely of their time and talents are greatly admired and appreciated.  As I started my route, there was a volunteer standing in the rain cooking hotdogs for our lunch on return of the walkers and volunteers.


young people cheering


There were young people standing in the rain exuberantly cheering us on and providing water and fruit for the walkers.  The energy was simply amazing and infectuous.




thank you volunteers

In recognition to all the participants, the volunteers, walkers, sponsors, caregivers and care receivers, I salute you all.  You help to make a tremendous difference in our world.  In spite of the inclement weather it was the largest crowd I ever saw in attendance at the York Region MS Walk location at 11099 Bathurst Street, Richmond Hill ON.

As the spouse of an MS sufferer, I am especially grateful for all the contributions and help extended in support of helping people with special needs.  I wish to verbalize a heartfelt thank you for your involvement in supporting MS research.

end MS




It is through ongoing research that a cure will hopefully be discovered and bring an end to MS.  We hope and pray for the best results.

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