My passion for golf motivated me to take golf lessons so I did some research on how to pick the best golf clubs for a beginner. I learned some valuable tips and wish to share with you.

beginner golf clubs 1When you are starting off learning how to golf, you want to have equipment that’s geared towards your skill level over anything else. It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on the most deluxe clubs available. If you do you are probably not going to enjoy learning and likely encounter nothing but frustration. The more expensive clubs are meant to be played on by experts, so your lower skill level will clash with their design. Therefore, you’ll be left with a bunch of clubs that you utterly despise for which you paid a huge amount of money.

Beginning golfers should carefully choose the clubs they buy based on a few different things, rather than just the reviews and price tag. If you consider these things, you’ll be a happier golfer in the long run, and most likely will be able to increase your skill level at a much higher rate.

Depending on where you take your lessons there’s the option to rent the appropriate club to accommodate your skill level, so don’t sweat it if there’s a will there’s always a way.

The main thing you want to look for in golf clubs is flexibility.You’ll find that flexibility in the adjustable golf clubs. They are the best kind of clubs for those who don’t have much of an idea as to what they are doing. The adjustable golf clubs are very forgiving to new golfers. You might choose to spend a little bit extra and get the golf clubs that are able to change at the flick of the wrist. Since you are a beginner and your game play habits have not fully developed or, perhaps have not even begun to develop, it’s best to play it safe until you can have a better idea as to what you personally need in order to succeed and have fun while you learn.

Another piece of great advice is to not spend too much money on your clubs. It’s tempting to buy the best clubs in hopes that they will immediately rocket you to golfing success, but it is usually a waste of money. Figure out a reasonable amount that you would like to spend on your golf clubs, and then do not stray from this amount. Golf store employees will be able to point you towards golf clubs that are within your range, and hopefully have some of the features that you are looking for. If you are feeling really adventurous, then you might check somewhere more obscure for your golf clubs.  Auctions and pawn shops usually tend to have at least a few options. As long as you can look at the clubs and decide for yourself if they have what you are looking for, it just might be an excellent deal to begin.

While you are still in the market, you should certainly try out as many golf clubs as you can until you find the ones that you are most comfortable with. Whether this means simply borrowing your golfing buddy’s club for one stroke or going to the club store every day to try out a few more, you will find that the more you try the better you will be able to make your final choice. If you have hands-on experience with every material, length, and head style, you will know what combination will suit you best. Trying out a bunch of different golf clubs will rarely present a problem, since most golfers are happy to show off their nice and expensive golf clubs and stores mostly have some sort of policy regarding the testing of equipment.

If you utilize the techniques and ideas found here, you will almost certainly have a happier experience when buying golf clubs. Your goal is not to buy the most expensive or the cheapest clubs, but rather to buy the ones that will help you improve your golf game.

brand new golferI, myself am brand new to golf. I will be taking lessons this spring. I’m excited to learn a new game, take on a new challenge learning the golf swing while enjoying the benefits of the physical & mental exercises as well.

Most of all I’m looking forward to expanding my network of friends in an environment surrounded by nature where peace and tranquility of mind and body is enjoyed.

On this note I wish myself happy golfing and, to caregivers everywhere I encourage you to take time to do loving things for yourself, whatever you love to do, whatever you enjoy.

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