Your mind is a very powerful tool.  You can use your mind to achieve a positive outcome from any situation or, or you can use your mind to think negatively and encase yourself in darkness.

Your mind

When faced with an adversity look to find the opportunity that your situation presents; there is always something positive that can arise from your challenge.

Don’t allow your mind to trick you into entertaining negative thoughts, like:

  • feeling sorry for yourself
  • don’t get caught into the victim mentality trap
  • when a door closes a window opens
  • embrace change

Nothing good comes from negativity and negative thoughts.  You only set yourself back and make life more difficult for yourself and those around you.  Instead:

  • Your Choice decidesthink positive thoughts and adapt to change
  • positive thoughts yield positive results
  • take positive actions
  • enjoy new success
  • when a door closes a window opens
  • embrace change

Open up your mind and your thoughts to the power of the universe and experience the healing power of the mind to heal.  Your body has the ability to heal itself.  Embrace the mystical power of the universe and live life.

Healing brings:

  • a sense of purposepeace and tranquility of mind
  • grace to carry on in spite of our challenge
  • inner strength
  • a renewed sense of purpose
  • change
  • acceptance


Inner peaceIt does not matter what challenges present themselves in our lives, our actions will determine the outcome.  We can choose to be positive.

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  1. Hello, this is Chris Scott from Wealthy Affiliate, I’m the teddy bear. I stopped by here to say thanks you for leaving a great testimony at It was very well written.

    I am blown away by the way that you have laid out your website. It is easy to navigate and I have read so much that it is hard to know just where to begin.

    Our sites are similar, we both teach that we have to have inner peace and then comes the healing.

    Thank you for being you.


    1. Hello Christopher: Many thanks for visiting my site and leaving such beautiful, kind words. I am glad you find the site to be user friendly as I strive to provide value overall. Please keep on visiting and leave your thoughts as we update regularly. Cheers.

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