I am not worried about how slowly I go.

Have you ever struggled to get out of a habit that is negatively affecting your life? Do you have a support system that will walk with you? You can go through some things in life that greatly affect you, they could be emotional, a habit, financial, or physical. The journey to recovery is not easy and you normally have time to reflect on the things you want in your life and what you have to change.

Today, I will take you through recovery, which is a return to a normal state.

There are some life lessons outlined below that can give you a better reflection on how to live life.

You Are Not A Victim.

A person who goes through recovery can have a hard time trying to get their life back on track. Not victimizing yourself and accepting that you are responsible for how your life looks like today is very important. Some people going through recovery could have suffered traumas and were victimized when they were much younger which makes it easy to create pity parties and want everyone to sympathize with you. It is easier to embrace the idea that if someone was in your shoes, they could have probably handled it in a much worse way. It is a disservice to yourself to have a victim mentality because it justifies everything and slows you from recovering.

In life, you have to be accountable for the things you do. You miss the point when you think people are out to get you. You could be recovering from drug abuse, but you do not accept the fact that you changed the course of your life and you would rather blame everyone else. It is difficult for people to help you like this or for you to even get better. In life.  It is how you respond to what happened to you rather than what happened that determines if you succeed. Learn to be responsible for yourself and the way you respond and perceive things around you, even if you are powerless over other people. When you accept that you are not a victim; you have an empowering shift in your mind.

Do Not Let Fear Cripple You.

Before someone starts a recovery journey, they could be confined to a paralyzing fear of all the things they could have done.  You can waste opportunities, spend a lot of time finding other ways to get better other than the proper channels, and also have ruined relationships. It is easy to get stagnant because of projecting fears you have assumed. Will you ever be okay? Can you get respect back from people? It is only until you choose to get better that things change.

Today,  I encourage you to choose faith and believe in a better outcome in the things you do. You could be a person who is very talented but you do not even try to achieve anything in life because you have so many fears. The fear of failure, of being judged, of not being accepted, even of success in your life and you would rather choose being stuck in a comfortable place that does not make you stand out. Remember that choosing fear is letting go of the control you have, and fear is not a reality but an emotion. Do not let fear stop you from doing what you need to do in your life.

Choose To Live Presently.

You cannot erase the past.  Do your best to stop focusing on it. While recovering, you need to use your hardships, struggles, and regrets to inspire you to become a better person. Do not allow your future to be dictated by your mistakes. Pick the lessons you can learn from your past events and move on ahead. When you are recovering you learn that an important factor in being happy is to live in the present.

Choosing to stay focused will help you handle better the problems you face because either way challenges will sometimes come your way. Choose to live every day with expectations. In life, you could be going over and over about the things you could have done differently if you had a chance to do it again. The only thing that does, is deny you a chance to be happy and to notice the good things happening in your present. Learn to forgive yourself and not take things very heavily.


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