Some I love has MSIn families where multiple sclerosis is a factor it is normal to enquire about the possibility of the affected person passing on that disease to off springs through procreation.

As the mother of four children whose spouse has MS, that concern has been plaguing me for 24 years.  Up until recently, no one knew for sure that there was a genetic connection. Now, knowing that MS is hereditary does not make me feel any better, however, it presents an opportunity to learn more

In the case of my spouse his chronic progressive MS is managed with diet, exercise, rest.  He is able to operate his vehicle, equipped with hand controls and walks using a walker.  He diligently works out at the gym three times a week and is benefiting from his efforts.

Peace love cure ms


Now that more light is shed on this debilitating disease and with the onslaught of ongoing research it will be wonderful to find a cure for MS.

Together, we hope that researchers will find a way to fix and cure MS forever.

Let’s not forget that the body has the ability to heal itself.  No matter what challenges we face, maintaining a positive attitude in addition to nurturing your mind, body & soul will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your health.

an attitude of gratitudeDo not allow fear to paralyse your mind and thoughts.  As difficult as it may be, stay strong and keep on smiling.  Laughter is therapeutic and helps in the healing process.  Laugh at yourself, laugh with family and friends; laugh with strangers, just laugh.  Keep busy and engaged socially.  Be grateful for the gift of life and whatever the day brings.

When you have lemons think of making lemonade.  Simply develop an attitude of gratitude and keep on living.




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