Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has become so prevalent in our society that more and more study and ongoing research is conducted to learn more about this dis-ease and hopefully find a cure.  Not low self esteem-1only is MS debilitating, it weakens your confidence to the core.

MS affects different people in different ways.  Many people who have been diagnosed with MS go on to live a fairly normal life.  Others are totally crushed by the diagnosis and constantly struggle within themselves.   This constant struggle eventually takes a toll not only on the MS sufferer but on the entire family.

Believe in yourselfA strong faith, ongoing prayer, hope, love and a positive outlook will save you from the darkness of despair.  Believe in yourself, love yourself and entertain beautiful thoughts. Positive thoughts yield positive results.

Everyone whose life is touched by the ravages of this dis-ease on the human body hope and pray that a cure will be found and a conclusive cause of MS revealed.

When a family member, a close friend, a neighbour or someone you know and love is inflicted with this dis-ease the entire family needs to stay strong and be as supportive as possible. Everyone deserves to be treated with a level of respect and dignity that we ourselves would like in return.  For this reason let us all live by the golden rule ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

March is MS Month


March is National Multiple Sclerosis Arareness Month and all efforts in support of MS are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

The University of Manitoba STUDY is attached.  Read more

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