The best part of my day is spent on the nature path, enjoying the fresh air, listening to the birds, and getting away from the stress of daily life. My inspiration begins when I sit quietly, in silence clear my thoughts and wait for my inspiration to emerge. Over the decades of my caregiving journey, I came to appreciate that I could only navigate my path because of my healing, the peace and tranquility with which the universe has blessed me. On the days when I feel overburdened, I simply head to the wilderness and wait in silence. Sometimes, I am not even able to say a prayer or walk very far. I sit quietly, and listen to what my body wants me to do at the present moment and honour my feelings. One thing is for sure, sitting in silence brings relief. I always feel better once I head back to pick up from where I left off. I also know that divine intervention is my guardian and my guide and so I am grateful for the connection that sustains me on the days when the light is not so bright and on my brightest days as well # #inspiration #grateful

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