Tobago beach weddingI recently visited Tobago for the very first time in attendance of a family wedding. I was pleasantly surprised with the beauty, the ambience, hospitality and charm of the citizens/residents and most importantly the beautiful white sand beaches and picturesque landscapes located on that tiny island.


I stayed with relatives and had the opportunity to be driven throughout the entire island.  It was quite an adventure.  For the most part Tobago is quite mountainous with narrow roads in the middle of deep valleys on either side.  The skilful drivers operate their vehicles with ease and it was a most amazing experience, thoroughly enjoyed and greatly appreciated.

Tobago Villa


Whether you choose to stay in a five star all inclusive hotel, a guest house, bed and breakfast or stay with relatives as I did Tobago has lots of potential and much to see and do.




pigeon point beachThe highlight of my stay in Tobago was soaking in the sea water in pigeon point beach.  Feeling the beautiful white sand under my feet and swimming in the crystal clear water instantly provided therapeutic healing to my mind and body.  I took the opportunity to enjoy and de-stress from my role of care giving for a few days.  As caregivers we all need to get away and do things for ourselves that brings joy and happiness to us.   We must remember to laugh and live.

Tobago Island


This charming, tiny island is 8 miles wide by 26 miles long and all roads will eventually bring you back to your starting point so you cannot get lost on the island.




sightseeing toursHere are some places to visit.

The southwest lowlands are where all the development is centred.  Here you will find Crown Point International Airport and a few nice hotels along the Caribbean coast.

Then there is Buccoo Reef, Pigeon Point and Store Bay with its beautiful white sand beaches, and last but by no means least Scarborough the capital city with its exciting port.

A trip across to the south coast of Tobago is definitely worthwhile. Here, the shore is pounded by the Atlantic Ocean with its big swell and breakers. Villages like Speyside are just one of the places to visit.

Englishman bayMoving north, the Caribbean Coast has many beautiful coral sand beaches such as Englishman’s Bay, Bloody Bay, Castara, and Parlatuvier, and the crowds are definitely absent here. The most northerly village Charlotteville is at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean, and here there are good coral reefs, some within swimming distance of the beach

On the east side of Tobago, there is a rapid rise into the hills known as the Central Main Ridge. The main rainforest is located here, which then falls away quite sharply to the sea with its palm fringed sandy beaches.

Tobago oldest rain forest



If you are a naturalist or a birdwatcher then the moisture soaked misty rainforest is a paradise waiting to be explored.




BirdwatchersBirdwatchers also need to be taken to Little Tobago just over a mile off shore and just over a mile long. It is uninhabited, and is a seabird sanctuary off the coast at Speyside.

Tobago has something for just about everyone.  It is a wonderful place where you are quickly taken back to a time where life was conducted in a wonderful and simple way. A place where children have respect for their elders, where church on Sunday is an accepted part of life, and the land is given priority over profiteering.

caregiver cruisesCaregivers need to get away as often as possible from their daily routine to relax and refresh themselves.   As you continue to care for your loved ones always remember that your health is of paramount importance and taking a vacation plays an important part in balancing our responsibilities.





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