What is Wheel Dance?

Wheel dance brings freedom to persons with disabilities. Click on the video below (if you don’t see the video this link will bring you to it).

I was first introduced to Wheel Dance by my dear friend and colleague, Peter Busciglio, Coordinator of the York South Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.  This invitation came through a flyer.   Even though I thought it was a very cool idea, I did not follow-up except for reading emails as forwarded by Peter from time to time.

Yesterday, February 13, 2016, was my ah ha moment as I opened an email sent by Peter with a video of Tony and his beautiful daughter Vanessa (check out their awesome video in the link here).   I was reduced to tears of happiness as I watched Tony, the proud dad share that very special dance at his daughter’s wedding.

The power of this video enticed me to embark on learning all I can about wheel dance and I invite you to learn along with me.  When one’s life is directly affected and occurrences hit close to home, undoubtedly, you pay attention.  That said, I wish to share this amazing experience as the spouse of someone whose life is affected by multiple sclerosis.

The introduction of wheel dance by York South Chapter is for sure making positive inroads with our members and it is hoped that more and more members will find and enjoy the many benefits from this incredible, enjoyable and possibly life changing activity click on this link for more inspiration.

wheel dance

Both of our members that practice wheel dance are affected by MS and are endeavouring to live and enjoy life as best they can  They are learning new skills not only for themselves but to the benefit of their families as well since disabilities in families affect the entire family.

The concept of  wheel dance brings enjoyment and freedom to those living with disabilities all over the world.  It provides an opportunity to be inclusive; it helps in improving the overall quality of lives to those living with disabilities no matter where you are (click link).



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    1. Hello Ella: I was blown away when I came across ‘wheel dance’. There’s so much inspiration and motivation in wheel dance; it touches the fibre of the soul. Thanks for visiting and for appreciating the contents of my site. Please continue to visit and leave us your thoughts. Cheers.

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